EDEA Flamenco Roller


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EDEA Flamenco Roller Skate

The Flamenco has been designed for grace and elegance using Edea’s experience and know-how combined with innovative thinking and modern technology. The extra support and low cut in this boot gives the extra flexibility and maneuverability that roller dancers need.

The Flamenco is designed to be light. By using a combination of microfiber and mesh Edea designers have been able to keep the strength while increasing flexibility to add greater fluidity to movements on the ice. It the use of hi-tech materials makes Flamenco the skating’s first Vegan boot.

The Flamenco is padded with the top of the range AIR TECH lining offering greater comfort and support. There is additional padding at the ankle for comfort and to hold the heel in place more firmly giving a better foot position.
Extra padding on the back cuff helps protect the Achilles tendon while increasing the range of movement.

In the Flamenco the tongue gives the increased flexibility required by skaters at this top level. Its anatomical shape helps the leg bend in jumps while additional padding increases the comfort.

Support Level: Rigid

Performance: Dance / Solo dance

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